It all starts with a conversation.


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We exist to offer safe and honest spaces for spirit-led conversations on racial reconciliation.

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Path to Reconciliation

During our flagship three-part program, two courageous single-race/culture churches partner to deepen relationships across racial lines, hold actionable conversations, and move toward racial justice in their respective communities.

Interior of a church during a Mission Reconcile event. Pews full of people and a neon "GOD IS LOVE" sign.
"Community Discussion" text and two people of different races smiling while talking.

Collaborative Event

Part 1

The first meeting takes place on a Saturday at an impartial venue. Participants (members of Courageous Church A and Courageous Church B) mingle over multi-cultural food, participate in a cultural awareness activity such as a privilege walk, and listen to a TedTalk style presentation on “Answering the Call to be a Reconciler.”

Then, MISSION RECONCILE moderates a racial reconciliation panel with Courageous Church pastors. The panel discussion is interactive between both pastors and participants.

The program concludes with food and fellowship under MISSION RECONCILE’s core principle – Food, Music, and Good Conversation bring people together.  Participants are provided a multicultural meal, live music, and questions to facilitate an engaging and thoughtful conversation around the table.

"Moderated Pastor Panel" text and 3 pastors with microphones.
"Recipe Swap" text and two people of different races swapping recipes.
"Multicultural Meal" text and three people of different races talking while sharing a meal.

Pulpit Swap 1

Part 2

Courageous Church A hosts a visit from Courageous Church B during their respective worship time. Church A is responsible for holding a Fellowship after the service with members of both churches, providing food, music, and conversation during the Fellowship.

During this event, we facilitate icebreakers and opportunities for participants from each church to intentionally talk and get to know one another. This lays the crucial foundation for long-term relationships lasting beyond the Path to Reconciliation program.

"Pastor A preaches at the partnering church" text and a pastor preaching.

Pulpit Swap 2

Part 3

We flip the script and Courageous Church B hosts Courageous Church A, as above.

"Pastor B preaches at the partnering church" text and a pastor preaching.
"Fellowship After Service" text and four people of different races having pleasant conversation.

The ultimate goal is enabling these new relationships to continue growing after this program. To achieve this, we provide next steps and resources to all participants.

Unity Prayer Action Breakfast

Martin Luther King, Jr. once famously said, “The most segregated hour in Christian America is 11 o’clock on Sunday morning.” This event honors his vision by bringing together clergy and leaders from other faiths.

We invite them to learn more about MISSION RECONCILE and to pray that America continues working towards racial equity and justice. The churches’ voices lead and inspire this work, while breaking bread with one another.

We invite all courageous clergies to come together, and unite in the Holy Spirit to pray for our nation.

A man and woman raising their hands to greet people sitting in the church.

Conversation ON...

An attendee speaking into a microphone at a racial reconciliation event.

A conversation at your church (in person or virtually) on a topic surrounding race, racism, reconciliation, and racial justice with a focus on the intersection of our faith.

The Conversation ON program invites churches to connect and learn together through actionable dialogue and conversation on addressing racial and social justice.

Mission Reconcile Galas

To celebrate the work being done by you and the other incredible reconcilers, we will gather for a night to remember.

Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about future galas.

Woman smiling and holding up her baby, who's staring sleepily into the camera, at a church-hosted event.

Past Programs

Partnership with QCommons

“Healing Our Divided Nation” New Orleans, LA

On October 26, 2017 MISSION RECONCILE + QCommons brought together the New Orleans community to spark actionable conversations on the topic of “Healing Our Divided Nation.” 


Attendees heard from two national simulcast speakers:


David Brooks on Cultivating Virtue

Dr. Kara Powell on Confronting our Technology Addiction and Propaganda on Our Complicated Moment

People having a round table discussion about race at a church-hosted event.
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And three live local New Orleans speakers:

We brought these speakers together because of their history and action in the New Orleans community.

Shawn Anglim, Pastor of First Grace United Methodist Church

Pastor Shawn pastors a church that combined a historically white Methodist Church and a historically black Methodist Church after Hurricane Katrina to form one church, the First Grace United Methodist Church.

First Grace is at the heart and frontlines of social justice and epitomizing the church and Jesus’ justice. Pastor Shawn gave us great food for thought on “The Blessing and the Burden of Loving One Another.”


John Barnes, Law Enforcement Officer and Founder, Right the Wrong Together
John Barnes serves as a law enforcement officer and created an organization, Right the Wrong Together to bridge the divide between law enforcement and the community. Officer Barnes challenged us to create “Unity in the Community” and to acknowledge everyone in our community no matter their race, religion, status, or gender.


Rachel Crump, Youth Advocate at Reconcile New Orleans (Cafe Reconcile)

Rachel Crump is a Youth Advocate at Reconcile New Orleans, an organization aiming to bring together a New Orleans neighborhood, ultimately transforming the lives of young adults and the community through the ministry of reconciliation.

Rachel inspired us to “Reconnect Opportunity Youth in New Orleans” and support our children and youth. Mission Reconcile believes that children and youth will be the generation to break the isms of the world and we must invest the good in them.


Attendees left the event feeling challenged by the talks and group discussion and also inspired by the mission and vision of Mission Reconcile.

Mission Reconcile is thankful to have received the gracious support and sponsorship from First Grace United Methodist Church, Right the Wrong Together, Cafe Reconcile, and Rhodes Funeral Home & Family of Businesses.

Photography by Melinda Bradley.