Dear Church, God Bless America

The American flag and a cross on a sunny day.

Unclench your fists. Hold out your hands. Take mine. Let us hold each other. Thus is God’s Glory Manifest. “Epiphany,” Madeleine L’Engle Dear Church,  God bless America? Really?  Tragically, our most recent Epiphany marked the day of clenched fists, angry mobs, and the thunderstorm of violence by white supremacists upon the US Capitol. January 6th…

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Dear Church, Do You Serve a God Who Sees?

I write to you not as a theologian but as a parishioner, a follower, and a friend. I acknowledge that while the “church” is made up of each of us; it is also the institution to which I address today. We, the body of Christ, are called to such a time as this. Unrest, pandemic,…

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