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Modern-day versions of Paul's letters to the churches with a focus on racial and social justice.

Dear Church, Music Can Bridge the Divide

By Joel Buckner | June 17, 2018

Dear Church, In 1979, President Jimmy Carter declared June, Black Music Month. Later in 2009, President Obama renamed it African-American Music Appreciation Month. This month was created to celebrate the…

Dear Church, Lest We Forget Our Need for Repentance

By Jonathan Tolbert | May 15, 2018

Dear Church, Where does reconciliation start in America and are we even ready? Where does the church fit in? I think it’s important to try to understand the rich and…

Dear Church, It’s Time to Take Responsibility for Your Politics

By Ivy Grimes | April 13, 2018

Dear Church, As a white kid growing up in rural Alabama, I was exposed to a lot of church and a lot of racism at an early age. I’ve attended…

Dear Church, This is no time for complacency. Action is required.

By Amanda Gann | March 14, 2018

Dear Church,  Over 60 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr., stated: “A solution of the present crisis will not take place unless men and women work for it. Human progress…

Dear Church, Let’s talk about some history

By Danielle Blevins | February 12, 2018

Dear Church, Let’s talk about some history. On December 31, 1862, New Year’s Eve, thousands of free and escaped slaves gathered in churches across the North (and some in the…

Dear Church, What is Your Why?

By Kahlida Lloyd | January 15, 2018

Dear Church, What is your why? Why do you exist? … As a Jesus lover and follower and founder of Mission Reconcile, I sometimes wonder if the churches of today…

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