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Modern-day versions of Paul's letters to the churches with a focus on racial and social justice.

Dear Church, Serve Alongside Others

By Coleen O'Leary | April 30, 2019

  Dear Church, I want to sit here and talk about the ways I wish the Church would do better. I want to rattle off the ways I wish people…

Dear Church, Wash Your Face

By Danielle Blevins | March 28, 2019

On March 8th, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. It’s a day in Women’s History Month that recognizes the incredible contributions achieved and accomplished by women, overcoming the systemic prejudices…

Dear Church, Be Love and Do Good

By Dale Francis | February 25, 2019

Dear Church, February has two popular community activity themes of national interests and benefit, Saint Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.  Both themes promote acts of love and thoughts of…

Dear Church, It’s Time to Overturn Tables

By Kahlida Lloyd | January 31, 2019

Dear Church, Anger. It is something that we don’t talk about much. We have categorized anger as a sin; however, the emotion of anger is not a sin. According to…

Dear Church, Follow Christ and Not the World

By Branden Polk | December 20, 2018

Dear Church, In February of 2017, I traveled to Colorado Springs to take part of a prayer event and to spend some time with friends. During a down moment we…

Dear Church, I Am A Racist

By Steve Graybill | November 20, 2018

Dear Church, In August 2011, I read my first Dr. Martin Luther King book, Strength to Love.  This book would be a turning point in my life, not so much…

Dear Church, pray for graceful solutions for our wicked problems

By John Stewart | October 31, 2018

Dear Church, I am so honored to be here with you, readers and authors alike. I resonate with so much of what has been shared in this blog space. The…

Dear Church, God’s Children Need More

By Carla Briggs | September 23, 2018

Dear Church, As a Christian and an educator in New Orleans Public Schools, I recognize the need for God’s children to have backpacks and school supplies, but we may be…

Dear Church, Refuse to be in Denial

By Melissa Stek | July 17, 2018

Dear Church, I write to you to admit that I am a recovering racist, working to overcome the lies ingrained in me by white supremacy and a racialized society. I…

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